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New RTO list of Rajasthan Stateराजस्थान की न्यू आर टी ओ लिस्टRJ-01 AjmerRJ-02 AlwarRJ-03 BanswaraRJ-04 BarmerRJ-05 BharatpurRJ-06 BhilwaraRJ-07 BikanerRJ-08 BundiRJ-09 ChittaurgarhRJ-10 ChuruRJ-11 DholpurRJ-12 DungarpurRJ-13 Sri GanganagarRJ-14 Jaipur SouthRJ-15 JaisalmerRJ-16 JaloreRJ-17 JhalawarRJ-18 JhunjhunuRJ-19 JodhpurRJ-20 KotaRJ-21 NagaurRJ-22 PaliRJ-23 SikarRJ-24 SirohiRJ-25 Sawai MadhopurRJ-26 TonkRJ-27 UdaipurRJ-28 BaranRJ-29 DausaRJ-30 RajsamandRJ-31 HanumangarhRJ-32 Kotputli (Jaipur)RJ-33 Ramganj Mandi (Kota)RJ-34 KarauliRJ-35 PratapgarhRJ-36 Beawar (Ajmer)RJ-37 Didwana (Nagaur)RJ-38 Abu Road (Sirohi)RJ-39 Balotra (Barmer)RJ-40 Bhiwadi (Alwar)RJ-41 Chomu (Jaipur)RJ-42 Kishangarh (Ajmer)RJ-43 Phalodi (Jodhpur)RJ-44 Sujangarh (Churu)RJ-45 Jaipur NorthRJ-46 Bhinmal (Jalore)RJ-47 Dudu (Jaipur)RJ-48 Kekri (Ajmer)RJ-49 Nohar (Hanumangrah)RJ-50 Nokha (Bikaner)RJ-51 Shahpura (Bhilwara)RJ-52 Shahpura (Jaipur)A useful information....When you are moving to any of the place in Rajasthan, you have to get an NOC in favour of destination RTO, from source /current RTO for all the vehicles you want to shift. (Cars , bike, etc.)NOC: It's abbreviation of "No Objection Certificate".Now a days it is also called as "Clearance Certificate (CC)"NOC/ CC : This document is one of the main prerequisite for transfer of any vehicle from one RTO jurisdiction to another, irrespective if it is intra or inter state transfer. For more info visit us at
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With octroi gone, cars & bikes make a rush for Mum RTOs105% More Bikes Registered. For Cars, Rise Is informs you that there has been a sharp increase in the registration of new cars, twowheelers, minibuses and tempos in Mumbai because of the abolition of octroi collection at the city’s check posts in 2017. Before that, many Mumbaikars preferred to register their vehicles in other municipal areas of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, if not in cities beyond MMR.In just one year, 105% more two-wheelers and 42% more cars and SUVS have been registered in the island city. The number of new registrations in the suburbs too has gone up, though not to as great an extent as in the island city.Octroi comprised a 4.5% additional levy on the purchase of vehicles under the jurisdiction of the four RTOs within BMC limits. This included the Tardeo RTO (island city), Wadala RTO (eastern suburbs), and Andheri and Borivli RTOs (western suburbs). According to an official, a significant number of buyers would prefer to register their vehicles outside Mumbai to save costs, which would be Rs 3, 000-5, 000 for two-wheelers, Rs 18, 000 on an average for a hatchback to around Rs 60, 000 for an SUV. One would register vehicles at RTOs as far as Pen or Panvel.“But after octroi abolition came into effect on July 1, 2017, there is no difference between registering a car within Mumbai or outside it. You have to pay the same road tax and insurance across MMR, ” said a senior official from the Tardeo RTO. “Now, whether or not supported by dealers, buyers are opting for registration within Mumbai.”The Tardeo RTO provided statistics comparing the registration of vehicles in 2017-18 with that done in 2016-17. In the island city, especially south Mumbai, the number of motorcyles and scooters registered in 2017-18 was 105% more (in numbers, a rise of 24, 000) as compared to the previous year, while car registrations shot up by 40% (a rise of 5, 000). In case of commercial vehicles, four-wheeler delivery vans went up by almost 175%, and minibuses by 660%, officials said.“In some cases, we are getting applications from car dealers in Thane who want vehicles to be registered in Mumbai (eastern suburbs RTO) as buyers stay there. In one case, a buyer from Mulund could not find any showroom of his preferred car in his vicinity and went to Thane to buy the vehicle. In his case, the dealer at Thane assured that the vehicle will be registered in Mumbai with an MH-03 number plate (eastern suburbs), ” said an official from Wadala RTO.Also, the process of registrations has become faster because of the implementation of the online system Vahan across RTOs. More than 80% of the job is being done at the manufacturer and dealer levels, including the uploading of buyer’s information, fee paying and providing the vehicle’s technical specifications. An RTO inspector checks the vehicle’s specifications within 24 hours, and within the next 24 hours, an assistant RTO gives approval and also assigns a new registration number. “Now, instead of waiting endlessly for a number plate, you can get it within 48 hours of the file reaching the RTO, ” said a transport department official.Credit: Somit Sen, TimesGroup.Com
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